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Throughout my entire college and even high school career, there have been two questions that everyone loved to ask. My grandparents, strangers, even my best friends would ask me what my major was, and what I intended to do with it after I graduated. For the longest time, those two little questions would fill me with anxiety and uncertainty. When I first came to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Coming from an Asian background with Asian parents, I tried to go the typical route of studying science in hopes that I would maybe, possibly, try for medical school. It wasn’t until I finished a few quarters of science classes that I realized that I absolutely hated it. At that point, seeing as how there’s a huge boom in the Silicon Valley for computer programmers, I dabbled in a couple programming classes as well, to see if it sparked interest. While that was marginally more interesting than science, I felt that there had to be something out there that really struck a chord with me. At another crossroad, I thought back to high school and what I really excelled at and enjoyed. Remembering that my AP Economics class was one of my favorite classes that I had taken, and having an affinity for it, I decided to try my hand at taking college level economics classes. This led to my eventual decision to pursue a degree in Managerial Economics at UC Davis.

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I hadn’t thought about what I was planning on doing with an economics degree and felt like I had regressed to square one for a while. I didn’t want to declare a major just because I happened to like the classes, and not know what I would do after my four years of college were over. Luckily for me, a few of my major classes were all strictly accounting courses. This was the first time in college that I felt like I was learning something useful and applicable outside of midterms and finals. While some might say accounting is very dry, I never saw it that way. As “boring” as everyone claimed it was, I was ecstatic to learn more about it because it’s something that will help me eventually, and everyone should know how to, at the very least, file their own taxes. Until this point, it never occurred to me that being an accountant and eventually getting licensed was a viable career.

Having worked at various other finance-related internships has really helped me to cement my path in pursuing accounting. Even though there are many different jobs in finance, I quickly realized after I finished up my previous internships that most aspects of the finance industry bored me. I wasn’t too keen on stock brokerage, nor was I particularly adept at hard money loans. My decision to graduate and move out in the California Bay Area afterward is also practical and convenient as there are many big, well-established firms located in San Francisco. While it’s not a glamorous profession, there is great stability in becoming an accountant. Everyone and every business, organization, non-profit (the list is endless) needs an accountant or CPA. There is always a steady demand for accountants, and while there are busy seasons where working overtime is the norm, I personally just see it as an opportunity to make extra money. While I happened to have stumbled across my decision to become an accountant, I see it as a serendipitous blessing, and can’t wait to graduate college and really put my skills I learned to use out in the real world.

Author: Sandy Kim

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