Bookkeeping Made Easy In San Mateo, CA

If you have a small business today there is no need to worry about doing all the bookkeeping by yourself. There are accounting firms in San Mateo that can make this task very easy for you. These firms offer full accounting services you would find in large firms but will give you the personal attention you deserve.

Why opt for internal accounting department when you can outsource this to an accounting firm who have the experience and expertise you can depend.  They can manage your accounting department and produce quality financial reports you need to assist you in growing your business, all in compliance with the IRS.



1) Reduced bookkeeping expense.

2) Accurate view of your quarterly earnings.

3) Provides interim accounting and services at your fingertips.


Interim bookkeeping firms offer professional service and experienced personnel making them a great value for all kinds of small businesses. They can offer advice and strategies to

improve your company’s financial health and help make you more profitable. Whatever industry you are in a good bookkeeping service is vital to your business.

Growing your business depends on sound financial management and having your own personal accounting and finance department in San Mateo, CA. can be as easy as using an interim accounting firm.



  • Setup an accounting system for your company – which eases up account postings and will prevent future headaches.
  • Maintain accounting records and help keep accurate books

3) Budgeting

4) Keeping track of account payables, billing and invoicing and preparing general ledger accounts. These services will take care of all your technical problems that have to do with accounting and finance.

Having an Accounting Manager or a CFO is an important position in any company including very large ones. This service provides financial and operational reporting which is the analytical part of the accounting system. The CFO performs the important task of controlling the policies and procedures that are set up by your business. This is key to helping you stay on course to increasing the company’s bottom line.

These are important procedures that require knowledge and experience and are key to being successful.

Pascual & Associates is a certified accounting firm available at your service.

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